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Tandul is the ultimate destination for the Best Indian Cuisine in Cleveland, Ohio. We began our journey by wanting to provide the authenticity of our culture to fellow Indians and the Cleveland community. We are committed to providing hygienic and authentic food while ensuring top quality, which is evident in every corner of our establishment.

Here at Tandul, we understand the importance of serving authentic Indian food that satisfies hunger and nourishes the soul through our carefully curated menu and attentive service. Our menu consists of a variety of selected dishes, from popular dishes like Chicken Vindaloo to regional dishes like Hyderabadi Chicken Curry we have something to please every type of palate. Every dish at Tandul is crafted with passion to represent the diversity the country holds. All the ingredients used by us are meticulously sourced to create the harmony that will transport you to India. This not only makes us the Best Indian Restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio but also one of the favorite spots to explore Indian Cuisine.

But Tandul is much more than just a culinary destination, it is a place where you can hang out with your friends and discover a new genre of cuisine or dine with your family to taste the richness of Indian culture. We invite you to taste the Best Indian Food in Cleveland, Ohio, and embark on a flavorful adventure at Tandul today!
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Are you someone who has never tasted or are you someone who loves Indian Food? No matter what we have food for everyone. If you're looking to try something new or you want to try out traditional Indian food. Start your culinary journey here at Tandul in Cleveland, Ohio, and indulge in the tantalizing food crafted by the chefs specifically trained in making Indian cuisine. Whether you choose to dine with us or order online it is a promise that you will experience a culinary journey like no other with Tandul in Cleveland, Ohio.

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